Opening Doors offers cross-cultural science communication practice to ANU students

Opening Doors, in collaboration with the Goulburn Multicultural Centre, offered ANU science communication students the opportunity to practice their IMG_20150929_144621cross-cultural communication skills during an event in Canberra on 29 September. Seventeen ANU students enrolled in Cross-cultural Perspectives in Science Communication, a third-year and co-badged postgraduate level ANU course, scientifically engaged a group of twenty-five newly arrived, culturally and linguistically diverse immigrants, settled regionally in Goulburn NSW. The ANU students involved the visitors from Goulburn in a range of science communication activities that featured games, demonstrations and discussions about different scientific concepts, study options and career choices. The ANU students are pictured here engaging the Goulburn visitors in an interactive ice-breaker on the lawns behind the National Gallery in Canberra. More pictures from this event can be viewed here.

Earlier that day, the culturally and linguistically diverse immigrants from Goulburn, visited QuestaconIMG_20150929_115024, as part of the on-going collaboration between Opening Doors and the Goulburn Multicultural Centre, which organizes a visit to Canberra annually during the September/October school holidays. The visit was made possible through the generosity of Questacon, which offered free admission to the Goulburn visitors. Pictured here are some of the Goulburn visitors on their way to a science show at the Questacon Japan Theatre.

Opening Doors is working with Multicultural Youth Services, the host organization of the Goulburn Multicultural Centre, to extend practical learning experiences for ANU students enrolling in the Cross-cultural Perspectives in Science Communication course.

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