QuestaBird Launch Event in Goulburn

On Saturday 6 September, Opening Doors in partnership with i-zD4c66K-XLQuestaGame embarked on a citizen science project with the Goulburn-based multicultural youth group: Bigger, Better and Stronger Community (BBSC). The project will involve downloading and using the QuestaBird mobile phone-based App to capture photographic information of Australian native bird species which can be uploaded directly to the Atlas of Living Australia.

Addressing the gathering, Opening Doors Project Leader Dr Sean Perera said that the partnership with QuestaBird made BBSC active contributors to Australian science and marked an important milestone for the Goulburn multicultural youth community. Opening Doors has been working for more than two years with the multicultural youth community in Goulburn to promote positive relations with science and technology in Australia (see older news stories here).

Pictured above is an enthusiastic gathering of the BBSC executive, members and their families in the Goulburn McDermott Centre, together with Andrew and Mallika Robinson, Managing Directors of QuestaGame – the Australian-based digital venture that uses fun and exciting social gaming technologies to engage people in real world activities. More pictures from that event, courtesy of Ms Natalia Bateman of the ANU, can be seen here. Andrew and Mallika also made a financial donation to further BBSC activities in Goulburn.


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