GMC visits Canberra during the September school holidays

DSCN5169On 24 September, twelve young people and their families from the Goulburn Multicultural Centre (GMC) visited Canberra for an afternoon of science engagement. This visit was part of the on-going partnership with Opening Doors, which offers science programmes during the school holidays to the GMC community.

At the National Museum of Australia (NMA) they participated in Museums and History. This education programme introduced science and technology-related careers in the museum sector and built on their previous visit (during the July school holidays). The digital photographs which the participants used to deconstruct and analyse exhibits are available on the NMA website. Opening Doors acknowledges the generosity of Inspiring Australia funding to cover NMA education programme admission costs.

Afterwards, they visited Mount Stromlo Observatory (MSO) where they were introduced to concepts in astronomy and astrophysics by Adi Chopra, recipient of the 2012 Robert Hill Memorial Prize. Using MSO telescopes, they saw Venus, and Alpha Centurin – the second closest star to earth (the closest being the Sun).

A highlight of the visit was a statement by one of the young female participants: “Science is not difficult for me anymore.”

Pictured together with the participants here are the NMA Science Educator, GMC Staff, and CPAS-ANU visiting scholars from The Netherlands. More pictures of the GMC visit can be viewed at the Opening Doors Image Gallery.

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