Opening doors to science careers

IMG_4804Opening Doors was delighted to welcome the GMC community on a second visit to Canberra in July, when they visited Canberra CareersXpo at Exhibition Park on 31 July.

Pictured here is the group, comprising seven young humanitarian immigrants from high-school and four from TAFE, in front of the CIT information booths at the CareersXpo. The young people were partnered according to their career interests with ANU Student Equity volunteers and were accompanied by GMC staff and a teacher from Goulburn High School. More pictures of this visit can be viewed at the Opening Doors Image Gallery.

Several of the young people did have specific career goals, which included careers in science and technology. Three young women expressed interests in careers in health professions, including medicine, nursing and palliative care, while two of the young men sought information about careers in sports science and mechanical engineering. Others were interested in social work, retail, accounting, tourism and the fine arts. Although a couple of the young people were not sure about their exact career pathways, they were able to focus their interests after a visit to the DWEER information booth, where they were shown Career Bull’s-eye Posters. It was a very successful visit, overall.

A special Opening Doors guest speaker, Career Coach Ms Amelia Ishikawa, addressed the GMC visitors at Canberra CareersXpo. This was the first time many of the young humanitarian immigrants from Goulburn had been to a careers fair in Australia.

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